A mind wants to forget but a heart will always remember

Icarus was that mythical dude that tried to fly with some custom wings made of feathers and wax from Crete to some place that i don’t remember right now, but it doesn’t really matter because as everybody knows he fell off somewhere around the Aegean and more particularly in the location where Ikaria island is located which is from where it actually took it’s name from in case you were wondering! If interested in more info about the island this is not a tourist nor historic related site so you’ll better go ask your geek friend mr. Googlesearch!



This is a visual post that will try to describe feelings that are strongly attached to the act of having fun in relation with nature and the simplicity of what a conjuction of a passion for certain manmade activities that easily interract with it, can bring you a big smile on your face and some warmth in your cold freddo espresso hearts!


This post goes on because of the need to express gratitude to friendship and that awesome feeling of having people around you that do what they love and really do it well just because they actually love doing it, simple as that…

Β This is dedicated to a few days spent well in an awesome place that can offer everything you need even in the most chaotic time of the year where everybody seems to go crazy on which place to go just to activate their social skills and post every single day things to showoff what a great time they are having while doing stuff that i’m not particularly interested in…

leave something to our immagination,

thanks in advance for watching!

P.S. gofullscreen and dilate your pupils

Whole lotta love to Vasm and Isi beautiful souls!



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