Five random records brought as a gift from a friend. It’s so weird that these random finds can form into a totally new aspect. First vinyl on the record player was JOHN DENVER’S – GREATEST HITS . Not the vibe we were looking for.. Second respected album on the list was DANIEL SANTOS – in terpreta a …Pedro Flores. On the first side we found an interesting clap sound. That’s our first hit. Side B track “ESPERANZA INUTIL” gave us an up-tempo, funky old school Spanish groove which became our track foundation. Now, sampled at 45rpm for memory space, and artifact sound for our MPC 2000 XL and de-tuned to slow it down to our preferences.

Music is always changing and the changes are unpredictable. Billy Sheehan

Chop it up and lay down our loop. No beat is nothing without drums, so a drum library vinyl gave us plenty of choices to build our own custom drum kit. Hi hat, open hi hat, kick drum and snare drum. Once the beat is layered time to open Novation Base Station II to kick in the bass. For an extra twist, we listened to the original record DANIEL SANTOS – in terpreta a …Pedro Flores and sampled some more for the switch of our track. Done. Time to dub it up. Strictly 8 tracks. Twenty minutes of dubbing, final mix is in the oven. Last touch ups sprinkled effects with the SP404 SX and scratching for the end of the track. Blast it!!



Words: Ronny RSP
Video: Ronny RSP, Dimitris Maniatis
Photos: Dimitris Maniatis


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